All Swedish computer and tablet owners are going to have to pay a TV licence fee, regardless of if they watch any content online.

All Swedish computer and tablet owners are going to have to pay a TV licence fee, regardless of if they watch any content online.

As a fellow Dane, I think it’s bullshit. First of all, I think Danish TV is absolutely terrible, and as such I only watch shows and movies online; typically foreign. I never use any of DR’s services in the slightest, heck, I don’t even keep any TV channels. This whole issue stems from how archaic the way TV currently works as a media platform is. I personally don’t know anyone under 30 who’s content being required to sit down on the clock, say, every Thursday night at 20:30 to be able to keep up with a show. Especially given how prevalent streaming is becoming, people are expecting to be able to watch shows whenever they want, on their own premise. Most people wouldn’t mind paying for that. This is the heart of the issue. It’s also why they changed the license from only applying if you keep a TV, to being multi-media based and practically mandatory; they realised that an increasing amount of households simply didn’t keep any TV subscription anymore. But instead of changing their service lineup to reflect this development (which could have been done by actually being ahead of the curve and providing HD streaming-on-demand options for all their programs), they decided to force people into submitting by changing the licensing fee so that it hits everyone, even those who don’t take advantage of their services in the slightest. And who did the licensing fee reforms end up affecting the most? Young people in their 20s, who typically don’t use the TV in the traditional sense, if at all. Same applies to DR’s services. These people also have a lower disposable income than established families, who are the actual target demographic for the vast majority of DR’s shows. And finally, because it’s not a tax, students who are poor enough to be tax-exempt are still forced to pay it. I wonder why the licensing reforms are unpopular among the young crowd! So basically, they changed the market to suit their services instead of changing their services to suit the market. That’s not how it’s supposed to work.

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