One of his kitties passed away last week. He said he wouldn’t let anything happen to this one

One of his kitties passed away last week. He said he wouldn't let anything happen to this one

I did this before. 😦 Mine is a sad version though. My cat used to pawn her kittens off to me, literally. You know how people tell you not to hold a cat’s kitten? Well, Sadie would seriously pick up her kittens and give them to me and walk away. She was a horrible cat-mother (though that may be because she was a found wild kitten, found under a Mercedes.) She dropped her first litter down the stairs before. And decide to put them in dressers, leave, and forget where they were. Proceeding to meow around looking for them. I kind of had to mother them for her. One of my cat’s kittens died right after I came home from school. My Mum told me that something was wrong with the kitten. He wasn’t moving and was making strange meows. We thought that my Cat dropped him, and he hurt his back or something. He sounded like he was in pain, then he stopped. I cried and when I went to bed, I took the other two in the bed with me. When I woke up, I, as per usual, groggily started on my morning routine. When I got out of the shower I found a kitten lying next to my dresser, cold, and starting to harden. I bawled, my brother had to re-dig the grave he’d made for the other one and put them together. The last one seemed to be fine, we even decided to finally rename it Lucky. The next day, later in the night, Lucky was starting to act weird. We knew what was coming. We tried to give him milk to drink and he just walked right through the bowl, he didn’t even notice. It was so sad. As soon as I woke up the next morning, I raced to go check on Lucky. He was lying in front of the tv, I was petting him and crying while he died, which was only 10 minutes after I got to him. It still makes me sad that I was with all these kittens while they died, and I couldn’t do anything for them. Sadie didn’t seem to understand what happened. She would meow around the house looking for her misplaced kittens.

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