My favorite puppy went to her new home and I was worried how she was……got this the next morning. I think she’s fine.

My favorite puppy went to her new home and I was worried how she this the next morning. I think she's fine.

That’s why adopting an older dog is awesome. Puppies are cute and all, but they’re kind of overrated. They poop and pee everywhere, they don’t understand the rules, they so damn hyper, and you cannot let them out of your sight for a single minute or something will get destroyed. It’s exactly like adopting a toddler. Plus the cute and little stage only lasts a few months anyway. Then you get into the awful adolescent stage when they still have all the energy and destructive nature of a puppy, but now they’re big enough to do a lot more damage. This is mostly true for larger breeds. It’s that stage where they go from chewing up your socks to chewing up your couch (my current dog literally chewed a hole through the wall of my kitchen when he was about nine months old). Older dogs are more calm, often they’ve already had some obedience training, they’re house broken, they’re past the chewing stage, and their personalities are more developed so you have a better idea of what you’re getting. With puppies you don’t always know who is going to mellow out, who is going to stay hyper in adulthood, who is going to be a smart easy to train dog, and who… isn’t….

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