The effects of Vitiligo on a school girl.

The effects of Vitiligo on a school girl.

Bayou_Blue’s son could have Vitiligo or it might be poliosis, either way Vitiligo seems not to be very well understood, the dermatologists I’ve seen say it can spread or stay localized, but they have no answer as to why or what might trigger it to spread or not spread. I have it on my face, started as just a little patch on my left cheek after a really bad sunburn. Now it covers a good portion of my face, but is very spotty. It may eventually cover my whole face, but it may not progress much further than it already has. The hair in certain parts of my face grow white, especially my cheek where it started. Strangely enough, a lot of my nose hairs are now white as well. I am white but I have a darker complexion, and especially in the summer when parts of my face get tan and others don’t it can be really noticeable. The only thing that bothers me are assholes that tend to ask "whats up with those spots on your face" as if I have some kind of contagious skin condition. Not like I was already self-conscious about it enough, either.

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