New elevator at work. Was way to excited to do this.

New elevator at work. Was way to excited to do this.

Nice. Although, I would have used my thumb and middle finger, but your decision of utilizing your index finger is entirely up to you. What have you done with the sticker? You should sell it on ebay. I’m sure you’d make a fine buck or two off it. In fact, I might be obliged to purchase it… for my own safekeeping. I can’t say I’ve sold many niche items on ebay such as that, but I assure you, somebody out there would be willing to pursue the item. Maybe the buyer has a fetish for small white things? Hah! That’s what she said. But alas… maybe they also just want an insignificant item that may very well please them in their daily circle of boredom and relentlessness guilt. In fact, that item might be the alpha and omega of a buyer out there. It might be someone’s


of life. That sole fact should entice you to post the sticker on ebay to alleviate their stresses. That sounds reasonable, yes? This is, of course, all to assume that you haven’t thrown away the all-important circle of white plastic. And that, folks, is not a that’s-what-she-said. So from this very moment forth, till about one week from now, I will be checking ebay for this affirmed white circle, in hopes that you are offering it – as it may very well be MY alpha and omega.

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