Our Bi-Partisan System Could Possibly Be our Downfall. How are we going to fix it in the near future before our country slides to irrelevancy?

Our Bi-Partisan System Could Possibly Be our Downfall. How are we going to fix it in the near future before our country slides to irrelevancy?


Honestly, Im not a political scientist, but Im having a hard time coming up with any serious drawbacks. I dont even think it should be “vote for up to three people” or anything like that, there just shouldnt be a cap. You can vote for as many people as you like, but you cant cast more than one vote for any single candidate. Its not like putting more votes on your ballot gives you more political power. If you voted for every single candidate, your vote would be essentially useless (and by voting for everybody but one person, youre basically giving that person a negative vote… but you lost your actual vote in the process.) I guess one potential problem is if theres a candidate, Gary, who doesnt really have anything going for him except being a likeable guy, all around. The lefties vote for Alice, Bob, and Gary. The righties vote for Chuck, Don, and Gary. The greenies vote for Bob, Elizabeth, and Gary. And Gary becomes president solely on the basis of being likeable. I dont know if that would actually emerge as a problem, though. Id like to think the majority of Americans would be smart enough to only vote for someone they could legitimately see running the state/country. And if Garys a terrible politician, and everyone sees this, then hes not going to win come next election. Its not like the system we have now doesnt already produce terrible results. I have nothing against Obamas policies or personality, but if we had a multiple-vote election last winter, Im not so sure he would have won. I like this multi-vote idea a lot because the way things are right now, my responsibility as a voter is to decide who I think is the best man for the job. And Im not sure that I, as an average citizen, am qualified to actually make that decision. With a multi-vote system, all I need to decide is who would be -good- for the job. The winner would be the person that the district/state/country genuinely liked the most. Sounds way more democratic than what weve got going on right now. EDIT: Apparently this is called “approval voting”

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