Teen night owls likely to perform worse academically, emotionally “The results present a compelling argument in favor of later middle and high school start times in the face of intense academic, social and technological pressures, researchers said”

Teen night owls likely to perform worse academically, emotionally


I have some experience with this as I have delayed sleep phase disorder. My pre-college school experience was bad, intolerable actually. I never could fall asleep until around 1AM, I just did not fall asleep; but, Id have to wake up at 6AM to get to school on time. As a result, every day was a struggle. I failed most of my classes and had behavioral issues. Of course, this was my “personality” or so I was told, so I was lead to believe I was not a very capable person while growing up. Eventually, I developed anxiety and dropped out of high-school. Skipping ahead… It took a little time for me to build up the confidence to return to school (a couple of years), because I thought of myself as a failure incapable of doing well academically. It turns out though, I just needed sleep. Imagine that. The guidance counselor who thought Id be lucky to find a trade job, the psychologists who thought I was psychotic, my parents who thought I was a failure, were all wrong. Sleep deprivation is powerful and because I did not maintain a “normal” sleep cycle, it pretty much ruined my childhood. Oh well. Now that Ive left the restrictive system and now that I can control my schedule and get the sleep that I need, Im the “model student.” No behavioral issues and a 4.0 GPA. Crazy, right?

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