Obama Threatens To Veto Corporate Tax Cut Deal For Locking Out Middle Class

Obama Threatens To Veto Corporate Tax Cut Deal For Locking Out Middle Class

Well, obamacare was first called romneycare, cap and trade was a republican idea first. So criticizing dems idealistic plans boomerangs right back to republicans. Theyre both shitty parties. I think the republicans could actually do great things if they actually stood for what they are supposed to. Small governments, free markets (not crony capitalism), and individual liberty. At this point neither party stands for much, but the republicans are worse right now because they have no agenda other than obstruct obama. If they proposed a real alternative to obama care, immigration, or tax reform (that wasnt a giveaway to multinational corps) then they would have my vote. Until then, its the libertarian party for me. One thing you cannot criticize obama on is being an obstructionist though. The republicans havent negotiated anything, they just dug their heels in and filibustered everything they could, its bullshit. Compare how many vetos obama has done compared to filibusters the republicans in the senate have done. It was also the republicans that shut down the govt by not coming to the negotiating table. Back to my original point; theyre acting like children.

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